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 Artifact Donations 

Historically relevant items are added to our artifact collection by our Artifact Review Committee (ARC.) They review items monthly, with the exception of November and December. 


To have an item considered by the ARC:

  • Please read, complete, and sign a Donation Pending Review form  to accompany the items to be reviewed.

  • List your items with descriptions and historical information on the Object List.

  • Call 231-652-5003; request the Collection Department to set up a time to bring in your item.

​​An item is acquired for the collections only if it meets the following criteria:

  1. The item shall relate to the cultures and history of the people of Newaygo County. The item should enhance the  collections and be consistent with the Collections Policy.

  2. The item shall be the best available example of a representative type, or, must contribute to the understanding of the prehistoric, historic, aesthetic or cultural heritage of Newaygo County.

  3. The item shall have historical and physical integrity, and be in appropriate condition for display, exhibit, or study. If the item meets all criteria except condition, then its stabilization must be determined feasible; taking into consideration cost, time, available funding, and available expertise.

  4. The item shall have free and clear title. Restrictions such as permanent display, designated location, or specific use, may make the item unacceptable.

  5. Items acquired shall not be restricted or encumbered by less than full intellectual rights, such as property rights, copyrights, patents, trademarks or trade names.

  6. Items which, by their nature, may be considered an invasion of privacy or physically hazardous shall be declined.

  7. The item shall not pose an excessive administrative or financial burden to the NCMHC.

  8. The item shall not present a danger to the rest of the collections or NCMHC staff.

  9. If not accepted for the artifact collection, your item may be considered for supplemental collections such as reference, education, or props.

If you have questions, please call 231-652-5003 and ask for the Artifact Collection Department. 

Thank you.

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