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The Only Constant is Change


Source: Fremont Times Indicator, June 10, 1926

The beautiful new school building in Newaygo will be formally dedicated with appropriate ceremonies tomorrow night. The affair will begin at 7:30 o’clock with a half hour concert by the Newaygo Portland Cement Band on the school grounds. At 8 o’clock the exercises will take place indoors. The dedicatory address will be given by the Rev. Joseph H. Green pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Ionia. Rev Green is one of the most outstanding orators in the state and is much in demand for platform work. There will also be vocal and instrumental music.

Although not yet completed, the work is progressing rapidly and it is expected that the building will soon be ready for occupancy. Seats and other equipment are now being installed. The old building has been sold to Vredeveld and Meyers of this city who will wreck it. The local men paid $810 for the structure and by the terms of their contract they must have the work completed by August 15.

While the community of Newaygo watched the dismantling of the brick schoolhouse atop “the hill” last week, it was not the first lovely education building in the city to be razed for a new building.

The loss of the stately wood structure in the photo below must have saddened adults who attended it, yet, the structure which replaced it became a symbol in Newaygo and for 90 years saw students enter its doors. One must assume that adults are sad to see it go.

First Newaygo School on the Hill - Built in 1863

A third new school building will stand for countless decades to come, bringing fond memories to young students. In 90 years, one wonders if schools will be around and, if so, what will they look like? If it stands long enough to need replacing, adults will again wonder and be saddened at the demise of “their school”.

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