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A Gift to the Future

Family stories can be interesting to read. Such stories will be featured in our next book project, Newaygo County History and Biographies, Vol. 2. We need your help. By writing a short story/biography of your current family or previous generations that lived in our county, you will have it published as well as providing reading material to others.

Sound hard? It doesn't have to be. There is usually someone in a family who has information compiled. Names and data such as birth and death dates, marriages, places lived are a great start. Filling in accomplishments, a funny story, and/or tragedy, give depth to the story. The focus can also be about one person that you feel worthy of a story.

Also featured will be articles about lesser known topics around the county. Our book committee is busy writing these. We hope you have some " I did not know that!" moments when reading the book.

The deadline for submitting stories is October 31, 2017. Visit our website for forms and how-to tips at and click on Book Project. There is also a 5-generation form you can fill in. The book will be published in 2018. We hope to see your entry in it.

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