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Native Americans and the Fur Trade

 Grade Three


Learn how the Native Americans lived and thrived on the land, and developed their beliefs.

Discover the economic and cultural factors which drove the French to travel thousands of miles to our shores and the concept that specialization leads to increased interdependence. Students will handle actual fur pelts, learn what items they were traded for, and why.

An actual trading experience will take place when children are able to set up their own “trading post” in the museum gallery and barter their unwanted items. This hands-on experience allows for authentic practice of economic concepts such as needs, wants, choices, scarcity, supply and demand, specialization/interdependence, and opportunity cost.

Supports grade level content expectations for Grade Three: H3.0.3, H3.0.4, H3.0.5, G4.0.2, G4.0.3, G5.0.1, EI.0.1, EI.0.3, EI.0.4, E2.0.1, E3.0.1

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