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Youth Outings

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Field Trips

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Pioneer Children - 2nd Grade

On this journey into the past, students will make and taste their own butter, experience daily chores, touch a variety of early tools and household items, learn their uses, and be delightfully disgusted by the “Thunder mug.”

They will sample games which entertained pioneer children and make a button buzzer of their own. The economic concepts of specialization and interdependence, opportunity costs, wants and needs are also explored.

Weather permitting; a mural on the north face of our building will be used to demonstrate the chronology of local events and changes in Newaygo County over time.

Supports grade level content expectations H2.0.2, H2.0.4, H2.0.5, G4.0.2, EI.0.1, EI.0.2. EI.0.3, EI.0.5


Native Americans and the Fur Trade – 3rd Grade

Learn how the Native Americans lived and thrived on the land, and developed their beliefs.

Discover the economic and cultural factors which drove the French to travel thousands of miles to our shores and the concept that specialization leads to increased interdependence. Students will handle actual fur pelts, learn what items they were traded for, and why.

An actual trading experience will take place when children are able to set up their own “trading post” in the museum gallery and barter their unwanted items. This hands-on experience allows for authentic practice of economic concepts such as needs, wants, choices, scarcity, supply and demand, specialization/interdependence, and opportunity cost.

Supports grade level content expectations for Grade Three: H3.0.3, H3.0.4, H3.0.5, G4.0.2, G4.0.3, G5.0.1, EI.0.1, EI.0.3, EI.0.4, E2.0.1, E3.0.1


Lumbering in Newaygo County – 4th Grade

Imagine our county, barren of forests with eroding river banks and wind-blown sand. Then, contemplate Michigan forests today.

Students learn about the days of extensive logging; what, when, why, how it happened and who did it, as well as the significance of this period in our history. Primary and secondary sources are used to explore the relationship between our natural resources and the development of lumbering industries and how migration and immigration affected the growth of Newaygo County.

We will also compare logging in the late1800s with logging today and how we work today to protect this precious natural resource. In the study of economics, we will support the teaching of Market Economy concepts.

Supports grade four level content expectations: H3.0.1, H3.0.2, H3.0.3, H3.0.5, H3.0.8, G4.0.1, E1.0.1, E1.0.3, E1.0.4, E1.0.5, E1.0.6. E1.0.7, E2.0.1, E3.0.1

Archaeology Day Camp

Authentic archaeology dig in collaboration with

  • Local landowners and

  • National Forest Service Archaeologists

  • One week long 

  • Ages 10 to 14

  • Space is limited

  • Cost: $35 (Scholarships available based on need.) 


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